SPECIAL EVENTS (non-SOSc but of interest)

Ely Cathedral Science Festival 19 May – 18 June


Midlands Chapter (contact Stig Graham for details)

– 5/22, St. Nicholas Church, Warwick, “Some Ethical and Moral Dilemmas in Biomedical Research” with Prof. Jim Scrivens

Southern Chapter (contact Michael Pragnell for details)

– 5/16, Guy’s Chapel, London, “Michael Polanyi” with Rt. Revd. Dr. David Atkinson

SOCIETY RETREATS (see resources page for talks and sermons)

2018 – Jun 26-28 – Sneaton Castle, Whitby, UK

2017 – Jun 27-29 – Coverly Hall, Shropshire, UK (with David Thompson)


2018 – Jan 8-11 Richmond Hill, VA, USA


2016 – Jun 28-30 – Sneaton Castle, Whitby, UK (Northern Saints with Rosalind Brown and Prayer with David Wilkinson)

2016 – Jan 4-7 – Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley, CA, USA (Pilgrimages of Perspective)

2015 – Jul 30-Jun 2 –  Scargill House, Yorkshire, UK (Faith and Science in South Asia with David Gosling)

2014 – Jun 24-26 – Sneaton Castle, Whitby, UK (Neuroscience and Faith with Alisdair Coles)

2014 – Jan 20-23 – John’s Island, SC, USA (Lived Science)

2013 – Jul 2-4 – Launde Abbey, Leicestershire, UK2012 – Jan 25-27 – Redemptorist Renewal Center, Tucson, AZ, USA (Poetry, Religion, and Science)



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"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength."

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