Prayer Cycle

We pray daily for the Society, the needs, life, vocation, and ministry of its members, associates (a), honorary members (H), and episcopal visitor (V). [New members and associates are officially added to the rolls at retreats. Please say a special prayer for those who have only just joined (a*)].

Almighty God, Creator and Redeemer of all that is, source and foundation of time and space, matter and energy, life and consciousness: Grant us in this Society (especially your servants…) and all who study the mysteries of your creation, grace to be true witnesses to your glory and faithful stewards of your gifts; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Eric Albone (a)

Kumyul Albone (a)

Ingrid Allen (a)

R. W. Brian Ardill

Adrian Armstrong

Robyn Arnold


Thomas Arrowsmith-Lowe

David Ashford (a)

David J. Atkinson

David Atkinson (a)

Philip Austin (a)

David Bailey

Richard Bailey (a)

Edward Bampton (a)


Garth Barber

Lee Barford

J. Howard Bateson

J. Stephen Bellamy

Ingrid-Maria Bergman

Ivan Bespalov

Andrew Bigg

Kamila Blessing


George Bolt

Josephine Borgeson

Robert Bowen (a)

John Brennan

Thomas Broadbent

Colin Brockie

Roger Brown


Gail Bucher

Tim Bull

John Burland (a)

John Busby

Paul Carr (a)

James Caterer

Cyril Challice


Dennis Cheek

Stefan Collier

Malcolm Colmer (a)

Pamela (Pan) Conrad (a)

Geoffrey Cook

Peter Cornell

Marilyn Cornwell


Jennifer Croft (a)

Bernard Dagnall

Stephen Day

Mart de Groot (a)

Jonathan de la Crusz (a)

David de Pomerai

John Downs


Peter Draper

Phillip Edwards

Ginger Eich (a)

Foster Eich

Ronald Elsdon (a)

Norman Faramelli (a)

Lisa Fortuna

Mark Frazier


Reed Freeman

Stan Frost (a)

John Fry (a)

Michael Fuller (a)

Peter Fulljames

Dennis Gordon (a)

David Gosling


Robert Gould (a)

Nicholas Goulding (a)

Stig Graham

Amelia Hagen

Marilyn Hames

Peter Hancock (a)

Alan Harper (a)


Michael Harrison

Robin Harvey

Lawrence Hawkins (a)

Jim Helton

John Hemes (a)

Chichele (Chich) Hewitt

Martinez (Marty) Hewlett (a)


Richard Hills

Rodney Holder

Kevin Horswell

Peter Houghton

David Houlton

John Inge (a)


Paul Jack (a)

David James

Ian James

Lucius Johnson

Victoria Johnson (a)

J. John Keggi


Greg Kennelly (a)

John Kerr

Martin King

Mike Kirby

Bill Knight

Nicholas Knisely

Robert Larson (a*)


Donovan Laurie (a)

Robert LeFavi

Peter Levitt

Thomas Lindell

Claire Lofgren

Jeff Losey


John Loxton (a)

Simon Lumby

Murdo Macdonald (a)

Adrian McConnaughie (a)

Christopher McPeak (a)

Gordon McPhate


Jennifer McWhirter (a)

Craig Malbon

Derek Mellors

Sandra Michael (a)

James Miller

Lucas Mix


David Moore (a)

Martin Naylor (a)

Robert Nelson

Phillip Nixon

John Norlund (a)

John O’Hearne


Maureen Palmer

John Parkin (a)

David Peat

Scott Peddie

Ted Peters

Craig Philip (a)


John Polkinghorne

Peter Powell (a)

Michael Pragnell

Colin Price

Roger Pullin (a)

Derek Pursey


Carl Rathman

Lee Rayfield

Trevor Reader

Colin Richards (a)

Mark Richardson

Breonna Roberts


Ryan Roberts

Edward Rochead (a)

Sarah Rogers (a)

John Rose (a)

Brian Ross (a)

Ian Ross (a)


Jane Ross (a)

Johnnie Ross

Callista Roy (a)

Robert Russell

Graham Rutter

James Salmon


Michelle Samuels (a)

Peter Sear (a)

Deb Shepherd (a)

Ursula Shone (a)

Bernard Silverman (a)


Robin Sims-Williams

James Skehan

David Slater (a)

Alan Smith (a)

Barbara Smith-Moran

Hywel Snook (a)


Gregory Snyder

Alistair So

Michael Soulsby

Ray Spreier (a)

Keith Suckling

Jared Talbot (a*)

Elizabeth Tattersall (a)

David Taylor


Alex Thomson (a)

Justin Tomkins (a)

Lou Ann Trost (a)

Geoffrey Turnock

John Vickerman (a)

Elizabeth Wall (a)

Peter Watkins (a)


Robert Western

David Whiting

Emma Whittick

Joyce Wilding (a)

David Wilkinson (a)

Roger Yates

Jennifer Zarek


Erica Bonting (HA)

John Davidson (H)

John Habgood (H)

Rupert Hoare (H)


Jane Kellett (HA)

Rosemary Peacocke (HA)

Michael Saunders (H)

David Walker (V)


All whose lives embrace science and faith

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"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength."

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